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Friday, October 30, 2009

Confinement Bath & Body Cleanser

Posted by Loving Avenue at 12:08 PM
Confinement Bath & Body Cleanser

120ml - RM49.90
(Product code: PC001)

*A wonderful gift for mom-to-be!

This blend contains pure essential oils of Lemongrass, Ginger, White Camphor and Rose Otto. Lemongrass, Ginger and White Camphor help to keep the body warm and drive out “wind” which has entered the mother’s body during childbirth. Adding Rose Otto oil helps to regulate and balance hormones while having a general toning effect on the uterus.

This body cleanser is only available through Loving Avenue and is specially blended to clean, purify and keep mothers warm.

**Exclusively for Loving Avenue by Spring Rain Botanicals, Canada.

Suggested use:
Use it as a body shower gel. During bath, use warm-hot water and give yourself a gentle massage especially on the stomach (for women with c-section, make sure your wound is healed before doing so). Amount to use depending on individual. This product can be used in conjunction with the herbal bath. Avoid breast area if you're breastfeeding.

Not for use during pregnancy

Seller's experience:
Confinement practice is mandatory for most Chinese mothers in Malaysia and Singapore. Although I had my three kids in the States, I flew my Mom over to help me with the “Pui Yuet” (a Cantonese term meaning companion for a month). For my first pregnancy, my mom brought over a month long supply of chinese herbs for bathing (yes, 30 packets and it took up a lot of the luggage space!) and she will have to brew it everyday. All I got was a pail of hot and black water with no warming effect although the herbs claim to remove "wind" from the body. For my 2nd pregnancy, I got my blend, tried it and I was so happy with it. The warming effect was great and I was so relaxed after each bath. As a sufferer of Raynaud Syndrome due to breastfeeding, the warming effect really keeps my body warm and I endure less pain. My mom was even more excited because she can bring other goodies over for the grandkids instead of the 30 packets of herbal bath. Best of all, less work for her!.


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